LCD Touch Panels 4-wire Touch Panel 8" (automotive)

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Categoria de produto: Painéis de toque de LCD
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Finger, Pen
Marca: Fujitsu
Tipo de Produto: Touch Panels
Quantidade do pacote de fábrica: 30
Subcategoria: Displays
Painel Digital: With Touch Panel

4-Wire Resistive Feather Touch Panel

Fujitsu 4-Wire Resistive Feather Touch Panel provides a low-cost alternative to projected capacitive multi-touch panels. This technology from Fujitsu allows expansion of multi-touch functionality into other applications such as industrial equipment and controls, medical devices, and automotive. An ultra-low input force of 0.02N to 0.3N and a proprietary top film technology provides a user experience comparable to projected capacitive panels. The Feather Touch panels feature pinch, expand, rotate, flick, and swipe gesturing functions at a lower cost and with multiple input options. The panels can be operated with a stylus pen, gloves, and dry or wet hands. Other features include transparency of 82% to 90%, a -5°C to +60°C operating temperature range, and a reliability rating of 1 million finger inputs. Sizes range from 3.5 inches to 17 inches.