NKK Switches



Painéis de toque de LCD SWITCH ROCKER

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NKK Switches
Categoria de produto: Painéis de toque de LCD
RoHS:  Detalhes
Finger, Pen
150 mm x 116 mm x 1.4 mm
10 MOhms
Marca: NKK Switches
Para uso com: 4 Wire
Temperatura operacional máxima: + 70 C
Temperatura operacional mínima: - 20 C
Tipo de Produto: Touch Panels
Quantidade do pacote de fábrica: 1
Subcategoria: Displays
Painel Digital: With Touch Panel

FT Series Resistive Touch Screens

NKK FT Series 5-wire, 4-wire, and digital resistive touch screens are engineered to complement the application of choice while offering superior durability and flexibility. NKK FT transparent touch screens include options in multiple sizes and choices of input by finger, gloved finger, or stylus. Whether an application requires the 5-wire or 4-wire technology, the features include metal tails (analog), contact reliability with a connector, and ANR film, eliminating many of the typical visual artifacts. The film surface is non-glare and hard coated for ease of use and integrity of the surface. NKK 5-wire touch screens are highly resistant to static electricity and noise pollution and offer drift-free operation despite any temperature fluctuation. These FT Series devices are ideal for use in a variety of applications, including information kiosks, industrial automation, medical equipment, banking/exchange management systems, and more.

FT 4-Wire Touch Screens with FPC Tails

NKK Switches FT 4-Wire Analog Resistive Touch Screens with FPC Tails offer wider, larger, and narrow frame types with FPC tails for increased continuity and reliability. These NKK touch screens with FPC tails feature decreased tail width. Connector pins changed from 8-pin with 1.25mm pitch to 4-pin with 1.0mm pitch. The tail material of these FT 4-wire screens is upgraded to polyimide resin from polyethylene terephthalate. This tail material ensures advanced flexibility, strength, and resilience against heat. This NKK series also provides film and glass constructed for superior durability and flexibility. These touch screens offer a wide range of panel sizes and tail positions.