Advanced Linear Devices ALD7555 / ALD7556 CMOS Analog RC Timers

Advanced Linear Devices ALD7555 / ALD7556 CMOS Analog RC Timers offer improved performance in speed, leakage currents, supply current, stability, temperature voltage stability, and discharge output drive compared to NE555 / NE556, SE555, TLC555, and ICM7555 / ICM7556 timers. The ALD7555 and ALD7556 feature high input impedance, which allows smaller timing capacitors and a longer timing cycle, high speed, and low power dissipation for battery-operated environments. This feature also offers reduced supply current spikes, allowing smaller and lower cost decoupling capacitors. These single/dual monolithic analog RC timing circuits offer a guaranteed low operating supply voltage of 2V to 10V, and a high discharge sinking current of 80mA at 5V. 

Advanced Linear Devices ALD7555 / ALD7556 CMOS Analog RC Timers are ideal for use in a variety of applications, including battery technology, power supplies, gaming devices, and handheld wireless devices.


  • Improved accuracy and temperature stability
  • High-speed operation: 2.5MHz typical oscillation at 5V
  • High discharge sinking current of 80mA at 5V
  • Guaranteed 2V to 10V operating supply voltage
  • Functional equivalent to and same pin-out as NE555 / NE556, SE555, TLC555, and ICM7555 / ICM7556
  • Greatly expanded high and low-frequency ranges
  • High speed, low power, monolithic CMOS technology
  • Low supply current spikes
  • Low supply current
    • 50µA typical for ALD7555
    • 100µA typical for ALD7556
  • Extremely low trigger, threshold, and reset currents (10pA typical)
  • Operates in both monostable and astable modes
  • Fixed 50% duty cycle or adjustable duty cycle
  • CMOS-, NMOS, and TTL--compatible input/output
  • Rail-to-rail output


  • High-speed one-shot (monostable)
  • Precision sequential timing
  • Long delay timer
  • Frequency divider
  • Pulse width and pulse position modulation
  • Missing pulse detector
  • Synchronized timer
Publicado: 2010-12-16 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11