Altech CP Push-In Terminal Blocks

Altech CP Push-In Terminal Blocks offer a large marking area, standard test plugs, and a universal jumper system. CP terminal blocks feature a stainless steel push-in spring, providing push-in technology for time-saving, compact, and safe wiring solutions. These blocks achieve direct connection of solid wires and flexible wires with ferrules and have a 3.5mm wider terminal. Many block types and designs are available in this series, including feed-through terminal blocks, grounding terminal blocks, and multi-level/connection terminal blocks. Altech CP Push-In Terminal Blocks are ideal for signal distribution, high density signal wiring, and distribution control systems.


  • No tool required for easy connection
  • Direct connection of solid wires and flexible wires with ferrules
  • 3.5mm wide terminal
  • Large marking area
  • Standard test plugs
  • Universal jumper system
  • Stainless steel push-in spring
  • Easy pushbutton release with any tool
  • Different block types for many design options


  • Distribution Control Systems (DCS)
  • Signal distribution
  • High density signal wiring
  • Potential distribution


Publicado: 2020-09-11 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11