Amphenol RF AFI RF Connector Interface

Amphenol AFI RF Connector Interface solves packaging design issues by compensating for mechanical misalignment in stacked PCBs and daughterboard / motherboard applications. The AFI interface utilizes a proprietary configuration that allows for an industry-leading "float" to compensate for the axial and radial misalignment due to packaging tolerances. This float results in a maximum misalignment allowed by the system of ±0.38mm [0.015"] radial float and ±0.50mm [0.020"] axial float. The AFI interface is available in both 75Ω and 50Ω configurations. Amphenol AFI RF Connector Interface is ideal for military and broadband applications.


  • Available as AFI-75 for DC-3GHz 75Ω systems and AFI-50 for DC to 6GHz 50Ω systems
  • Proprietary configuration that allows for industry-leading misalignment/"float"
  • Innovative float system of ±0.38mm [0.015"] radial and ±0.50mm [0.020"] axial
  • In-line or dual-row versions available


  • Military / aerospace
  • Cable modem termination systems
  • Broadband
  • Internet routers and switches
  • Telecommunications


Publicado: 2013-05-31 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11