Amphenol Alden pulseOne Cable Assemblies

Amphenol Alden pulseOne Cable Assemblies are ideal for various medical applications, including surgical, vital sign monitoring, and therapy delivery devices. These cable assemblies offer tactile and audible mating with touch-proof contacts sealed to IP64/IP67. If longevity is necessary, pulseOne's standard configuration offers durable long-life devices that continue to perform after being sterilized by EtO, or disinfected with standard hospital cleaning agents. For applications that need disposable products, pulseOne's "Limited Use" cable assemblies are a perfect choice. pulseOne's factory-installed PCB option allows users to program limits to the number of uses, proper OEM identification, and other 'smart' features.


  • Pre-molded to the cable, performance-matched cable with connector simplifies the specification process
  • “D” shape friction fit design, easy to align and connect in blind-mate applications, simply pull to disconnect
  • Touch proof contacts protect against accidental touch in multiple keying options
  • Tactile and audible confirmation of mate
  • Sealed to IP64 and IP67, keeps water and cleaning agents out of the connector when mated
  • Optional active components, properly identify and control single-use or variable device parameters


  • Surgical devices (disposable electrosurgical products)
  • Vital sign monitoring devices (patient wearable products)
  • Therapy delivery devices


  • 4, 7, 10, and 14 pin options
  • Unshielded or shielded
  • Up to 3 keyways standard
  • Mounting options
    • PCB option for plug assemblies
    • Cable or panel mount for receptacle assemblies
  • Mating forces per EIA-364-13
    • 31N insertion
    • 23N withdrawal
  • Mating cycle durability per EIA-364-26
    • >5,000 for the receptacle
    • Plug
      • <100 limited use
      • >5,000 multiple use
  • 4.5kgf-cm panel nut torque
  • Cable flex cycles of ±90°
    • >5,000 one axis for unshielded
    • >2500 one axis for shielded
  • 1.0A per contact operating current, continuous duty
  • 300VRMS operating voltage
  • DWV at 100mA
    • 1000VDC pin-to-pin maximum leakage
    • 5,000VDC pins-to-groud maximum leakage
  • Materials
    • 28AWG stranded cond. PVC insulated cable with TPU jacket, non-shielded, off-white color
    • Copper alloy contacts with gold over nickel plating
    • Polyamide connector housing, white color
    • TPU overmolds, blue color
Publicado: 2017-05-02 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11