Amphenol FCI PwrBlade® Connectors

Amphenol FCI PwrBlade® Connectors include power and signal contacts to provide power distribution and power control in a single connector. Options for either vertical or right-angle versions of PCB-mount headers and receptacles deliver support for coplanar, backplane, or mezzanine connections. These connectors are ideal for robust power connections to embedded AC/DC power supplies or for board-to-board connections in servers, storage enclosures, and communications equipment. Amphenol FCI PwrBlade Connectors feature 1 to 20 power contacts and 0 to 148 signal contacts. Individual power contacts have a 48A current-carrying capacity, and connector configurations with multiple power contacts are rated at 30A per power contact as tested for 30°C temperature rise in still air. An available cable port option provides segregated AC contacts for cable pass-through applications.


  • 48A/individual power contact, 30A/contact for 10 adjacent contacts at 30°C temperature rise in still air
  • 60A/contact using UL test guidelines
  • SSI-compliant connector interface for pluggable power supplies and power distribution applications
  • Provides power contacts for power distribution and signal contacts for power control
  • Number and placement of power and signal contacts are configurable
  • Power contact spacing options exist for AC (300V max), DC (200V max) or high-density power (at same voltage)
  • Meets applicable UL current interruption criteria for hot plug applications
  • Rugged, molded-in guides enable blind mating


  • Communications
    • Telecom equipment
    • Datacom/networking equipment
  • Industrial and instrumentation
    • Industrial PCs
    • Industrial controls and instrumentation
  • Data
    • AC/DC pluggable power supplies in server system infrastructure (SSI)-compliant server systems
Publicado: 2018-05-22 | Atualizado: 2023-02-22