Analog Devices Inc. CFTL-LED-BAR LED Bar Hardware

Analog Devices CFTL-LED-BAR LED Bar Hardware is a bright, high intensity LED bar for lighting applications. The LED bar contains three colors (Red, Green, and Blue). The LEDs on the board are capable of handling up to one-amp (1A) maximum. Up to four (4) LEDs per color can be used simply by applying a standard shunt. For every additional LED needed in the string, an additional 3V is needed at the power supply.

The Analog Devices CFTL-LED-BAR LED Bar Hardware was designed to be used directly with the EVAL-CN0410-ARDZ in cascaded, controlled lighting applications.


  • Red, Green, Blue Color Spectrum
  • Bright Powerful LEDs
Publicado: 2018-09-25 | Atualizado: 2023-03-01