Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-ADPD188BIZ-S2 Evaluation Board

Analog Devices EVAL-ADPD188BIZ-S2 Evaluation Board provides users with a simple means of evaluating the ADPD188BI optical module along with the EVAL-CHAMBER smoke chamber for smoke and aerosol detection applications. The evaluation system is composed of the EVAL-ADPD188BIZ-S2 evaluation board, the EVAL-ADPDUCZ microcontroller board (not included), the optional EVAL-CHAMBER smoke chamber (not included), and the Wavetool Evaluation Software graphical user interface (GUI). The software provides users with both low level and high-level configurability, real-time frequency and time domain analysis, and user datagram protocol (UDP) transfer capability so that the evaluation board can easily interface to the user development system.

The EVAL-ADPD188BIZ-S2 is powered through the ribbon cable from the EVAL-ADPDUCZ microcontroller board. The ADPD188BI datasheet should be consulted in conjunction with the evaluation board user guide when using this evaluation board.


  • Supports the detection of universal asynchronous receiver and transmitter (UART)
  • UDP transfer capability
  • Full configuration of the ADPD188BI
    • Register level
    • High level
  • Graph view
    • Time graph
    • Frequency graph
  • Compatible with the EVAL-CHAMBER smoke chamber

Kit Contents

  • EVAL-ADPD188BIZ-S2 evaluation board
  • Ribbon cable

Required Equipment

  • PC running Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system
  • EVAL-ADPDUCZ microcontroller board
  • EVAL-CHAMBER smoke chamber


Publicado: 2019-12-05 | Atualizado: 2023-01-18