Apex Microtechnology SA03 30A 100V PWM Amplifier

Apex Microtechnology SA03 30A 100V PWM Amplifier delivers up to 3000W to the load and features a 22.5kHz switching frequency via the clock input stage. It divides the internal 45kHz oscillator by two while requiring no external components. External oscillators can lower the switching frequency or synchronize multiple amplifiers. Protection features for the SA03 include current sensing to provide amplitude and direction data for each half of the device's bridge circuitry. This allows the shutdown input to turn off all four drivers of the H-bridge output. A high side current limit and the programmable low side current limit protect the amplifier from shorts to supply or ground in addition to load shorts. The H-bridge output MOSFETs are protected from thermal overloads by direct temperature sensing of the die. This PWM amplifier is a hybrid product design housed in a 12-pin hermetic and isolated metal power package. It requires only three square inches of board space.


  • 16V to 100V supply range
  • 30A continuous high output current
  • Three protection circuits
  • Analog or digital inputs
  • Synchronized or external oscillator
  • Flexible frequency control


  • Motors to 4HP
  • Reactive loads
  • Low-frequency sonar
  • Large Piezo elements
  • Off-line drivers
  • C-D weld controller


Typical Applications

Apex Microtechnology SA03 30A 100V PWM Amplifier
Publicado: 2020-08-20 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11