BECOM CM-BF548 Core Module

BECOM Systems BF548 Core Module is a high performance and low power processor module powered by Analog Devices' single core ADSP-BF548 Blackfin® Processor. It features a fast 64MB DDR SDRAM memory bus and many I/O interfaces available on two 100-pin expansion connectors. At a size of 31mm x 40mm, the module allows easy integration into demanding space and power limited applications. It offers two CAN-, two TWI-, three EPPI-, and SPI-interfaces as well as a USB 2.0 OTG and a keypad interface. The CM-BF548 Core Module is designed for both industrial and commercial usage.


  • Analog Devices Blackfin Processor ADSP-BF548: ADSP-BF548BBCZ-5X with 533MHz
  • 64MB DDR SDRAM: DDR SDRAM MT46V32M16BN-6IT (32Mx16, 512Mbit @ 2.5V)
  • 8MB of Byte Addressable Flash: PF48F2000P0XBQ0 (4Mx16, 64Mbit @ 3.3V; all 8MB addressable)
    • Additional Flash memory can be connected through the expansion board as parallel Flash using asynchronous chip select lines or the NAND Flash interface, or as SPI flash
  • Low Voltage Reset Circuit: Resets module if power supply goes below 2.93V for at least 140ms
  • Dynamic Core Voltage Control: Core voltage can be adjusted by setting software registers on the Blackfin processor
  • Allows quick prototyping of product that comes very close to the final design
  • Reduces development costs, faster time to market
  • Very cost effective for small and medium volumes


  • Generic high performance signal processor module
  • Automotive applications
  • GUI based web appliances
  • Robotics: Tiny processor module for mobile robots
  • Multimedia
  • Home audio/video
  • Advance vehicle infotainment
  • Mobile communications
  • Security and access control systems
  • Industrial and instrumentation

Functional Specification

BECOM CM-BF548 Core Module
Publicado: 2013-06-17 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11