Bel Power Solutions DC-AC Inverters

Bel Power Solutions INV60 DC-AC inverters are high-efficiency devices that convert high-voltage DC power into split-phase AC power (120/240VAC) required to drive AC accessory loads directly from the high voltage DC drive or battery bus. The liquid-cooled DC-AC inverters operate at the input of high voltage DC BUS with a power range up to 6000W. Bel Power Solutions DC-AC Inverters utilize CAN communication to the vehicle controller, allowing operational modes and frequency selection.


  • Typical efficiency of 93%
  • Single- and three-phase configuration possible (3x 400VAC)
  • Output power up to 6kW (1 unit) to 36kW (6 units) maximum
  • Output power first 10 seconds, 8kW to start-up electric motors
  • Flexible output connectivity
  • Exportable pure sine wave AC power (50/60Hz)
  • Full galvanic isolation between input and output
  • Wide -40°C to +85°C ambient operating temperature range
  • SAE J1939 compliant CAN bus communication interface
  • SAE J1455 compliant environmental standards
  • IP65 and IP67 protection rating
  • Over temperature, output overvoltage, and over-current protection
  • Vibration immunity meets the military level
  • Mating connector kits available: 350INV60-CON-KIT-xG and 700INV60-CON-KIT-xG
Publicado: 2021-08-19 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11