Melexis MLX91216 IMC-Hall® Current Sensors

Melexis MLX91216 IMC-Hall® Current Sensors are designed to use the open-loop Hall-effect to increase the accuracy of sensitivity and offset over temperature. These current sensors measure the current by implementing the IMC-Hall technology and using a flexible U-shield for crosstalk immunity. The MLX91216 current sensors have increased diagnostic coverage with the introduction of broken and clamping wire detection. The increased diagnostic coverage addresses applications with higher Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASILs) and/or connectors. These current sensors feature fast response time, high accuracy, fast analog ratiometric output, 48bit unique ID for traceability, broken wire diagnostics, and clamping.

The MLX91216 current sensors consist of on-chip filtering that allows for an accurate trade-off between higher resolution and bandwidth/response time. These current sensors are AEC-Q100 qualified and come in surface mount SOIC8 package which allows for compact and easy assembly with a shield. The MLX91216 current sensors boost the accuracy and diagnostics for inverter and converter applications in automotive, industrial, robotics, and non-automotive transportation.


  • High accuracy
  • <3µs fast response time
  • Measurement range:
    • ±25mT (High field IMC)
    • ±60mT (Very high field IMC)
  • Broken wire diagnostics and clamping
  • Programmable gain, offset, filtering, and clamping
  • Fast analog ratiometric output
  • DC to 250kHz wide frequency band
  • 48bit unique ID for traceability
  • Available in SOIC8 package
  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • RoHS compliant


  • Hybrid and electric powertrain
  • Industrial
  • Robotics
  • Non-automotive transportation

MLX91216 Overview

Melexis MLX91216 IMC-Hall® Current Sensors


Publicado: 2018-11-15 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11