APEM Q22 22mm (.866") Panel Mount LED Indicators

APEM Q Series 22mm (.866") Panel Mount LED Indicators utilize 18mm colored diffused epoxy lenses or 18mm super bright LEDs. These indicators are constructed with plated brass bezels finished in bright chrome, black chrome, or satin gray and molded with a polycarbonate rear body. Prominent, recessed, and flush bezel styles are available. The Q22 indicators feature 2.8 x 0.8 solder lug/fast-on terminal pins or (200mm long) wire terminations. IP67 sealing options (EN60529) are also available. The Q22 series includes a fixing nut and spring washer.


  • 22mm panel mounting LED indicator
  • 18mm colored diffused epoxy lens or 18mm super bright LEDs
  • Plated brass bezel finished in bright chrome, black chrome, or satin gray and molded polycarbonate rear body
  • Chamfer bezel option in 316L stainless steel and anodized aluminum finish only
  • Prominent, Recess and flush bezel styles
  • Custom engraving and secret until lit options are available
  • (2.8 x 0.8) solder lug/fast-on terminals, pins, or (200mm long) wire terminations
  • IP67 sealing option (EN60529)
  • Supplied with fixing nut and spring washer


  • Process controls
  • Professional electrical appliances
  • Communications
  • Radar
  • Civil engineering vehicles
  • Trains
  • HVAC
  • Energy management
  • Elevators
  • Machine tooling

Chamfer Bezel

APEM Q22 22mm (.866

Flush Bezel

APEM Q22 22mm (.866

Prominent Bezel

APEM Q22 22mm (.866

Recessed Bezel

APEM Q22 22mm (.866
Publicado: 2017-02-16 | Atualizado: 2022-04-07