Microchip Technology 32-Bit SAM 4 Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology 32-Bit SAM 4 Microcontrollers are based on the Arm® Cortex®-M4 core, operate at a maximum CPU speed of 120MHz, and feature up to 2048KB of Flash and up to 128KB of SRAM. The SAM 4 MCU family includes the connectivity-rich SAM 4E MCUs, the low-power SAM 4L MCUs, and the entry-level SAM 4N MCUs.

The Microchip Technology SAM 4E MCUs offer a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC supporting IEEE 1588 and dual CAN. With a single-precision FPU, advanced analog features, and security with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the SAM 4E MCUs are ideal for industrial automation and building control applications.

The SAM 4L MCUs deliver an ultra-low-power in active mode (down to 90µA/MHz) as well as a sleep mode with full RAM retention (1.5µA) and a short wake-up time (down to 1.5µs).  Integrated QTouch® technology enables capacitive touch functionality without any external components.

The SAM 4N MCUs are entry-level Cortex-M4 based devices with has seven UARTs, four SPIs, and three I2Cs. Additional features include 12-bit ADC, 10-bit DAC, integrated voltage reference, multiple timers, and PWM.

The SAM 4S MCUs offer memory densities up to 2MB of Flash, with dual bank capability, and 160KB of SRAM.


  • SAM 4E MCUs
    • 120MHz CPU clock speed
    • Up to 1024KB Flash
    • 2KB of cache memory
    • Up to 128KB SRAM
    • Connectivity: 10/100Mbps Ethernet MAC supporting IEEE® 1588, dual CAN, Full-Speed USB
    • Wide range of peripherals: USART, UART, SPI
    • Advanced Analog: Dual 1Msps, 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) up to 16-bit with averaging, up to 24 channels with an analog front end, offering offset error correction and gain control
    • One two-channel 12-bit 1Msps Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
    • Four-channel 16-bit Pulse-Width Modulator (PWM) with complementary output
    • Single precision Floating Point Unit (FPU)

  • SAM 4L MCUs
    • 48MHz CPU clock speed
    • Up to 512KB Flash
    • Up to  64KB SRAM
    • picoPower® technology for ultra-low power consumption, enabling long battery life
      • Active mode down to 90µA/MHz with configurable voltage scaling
      • High performance and efficiency: 28 Coremark®/mA
      • Wait mode down to 3µA with fast wake-up time (<1.5µs)
      • Full RAM and logic retention mode down to 1.5µA with fast wake-up time (<1.5µs)
    • Embedded hardware capacitive touch module based on QTouch® technology for fast development of touch and proximity functionality
    • Wide range of peripherals: Full-Speed USB host and device, 128-bit AES, USART, SPI, I2C, Event System
  • SAM 4N MCUs
    • 100MHz CPU clock speed
    • Up to 1024KB Flash
    • Up to 80KB SRAM
    • Serial communication: Seven UARTs, four SPIs, three I2Cs
    • One 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter ADC up to 510ksps (up to 12-bit with digital averaging)
    • One 10-bit 1Msps Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
    • Low-power modes: Sleep, Wait and Backup down to 0.7µA in backup mode with Real-time Clock (RTC), Real-time Timer (RTT), and General Purpose Backup Registers (GPBRs)
    • Easy migration within the portfolio of products
      • Pin-to-pin compatibility with SAM 4S, SAM 3S, SAM 3N, and SAM 7S devices

  • SAM 4S MCUs
    • 120MHz CPU clock speed
    • Up to 2048KB Flash, dual bank, 2KB cache memory 
    • Up to 160 KB SRAM
    • Low-power modes: Sleep, Wait, and Backup; consumption down to 1µA in Backup mode
    • Safety and security
      • Integrated best-in-class hardware code protection: Prevents access to on-chip memory to protect your Intellectual Property (IP)
      • Supports secure device reconditioning (chip erase) for reprogramming
      • Unique 128-bit ID and scrambled external bus interface ensure software confidentiality
      • Hardware Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) to check memory integrity
    • Pin-to-pin and software compatible with SAM 3 Arm Cortex-M3 processor-based MCUs


  • SAM 4E MCUs
    • Industrial automation
    • Machine-to-machine communications
    • Home and building control applications
    • Automotive
    • Energy management applications

  • SAM 4L MCUs
    • Power-sensitive designs in
      • Industrial
      • Health care
      • Consumer
  • SAM 4N MCUs
    • Industrial automation
    • Consumer applications
    • Appliances
    • Energy meters

  • SAM 4S MCUs
    • Industrial control
    • Consumer applications
    • PC peripherals
Publicado: 2022-02-16 | Atualizado: 2022-05-12